On October 8, 1998, Christo and Jeanne-Claude and their team completed Wrapped Floors and Stairway and Covered Windows in the historic part of Palazzo Bricherasio in Turin. The temporary indoor installation coincided with the artists' personal exhibition in the modern part of the museum and was on view from October 10 to January 17, 1999.

13,000 square feet (1,200 square meters) of cotton fabric drop cloth (commonly used by house painters) were laid on the floor, shrouding the steps, the banister and the handrail of the stairway, as well as the parquet of five 17th century ornate rooms.

As the visitors walked on the fabric it changed into rhythmic ripples and folds with a high degree of textual surface and nuance and a subtle sensuality suggesting the lapping currents of water that result in swirling patterns.

The transformation was minimal yet it more than sufficed to drastically alter the appearance and feeling of the space, generating an atmosphere of silence and tranquility.

The glass part of the windows was covered with 700 square feet (65 square meters) of light brown wrapping paper, creating a honey-colored light in the rooms. The experience was different walking through the rooms in the morning, at midday or towards nightfall.